A downloadable game for Windows

Over chasms you can't steer, only drift at your set trajectory.

"A slick, stylish and surprisingly cerebral game well worth plotting course for."

-Calum Fraser, Free Game Planet

"There's a neat idea here, in this minimal arcade game about a wibbly line thing that dies if it encounters any object."

-Tom Sykes, PC Gamer's "Free Games Of The Week"

"Trajectory is one of those games where once you've seen it in action, you know you'll want to give it a try!"

-Geek Squad, Top Free PC Games, June 2016

"Trajectory" developed by Henrik Hermans. Copyright 2016


"Trajectory Theme" by MAG

"Exit the Premises" By Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


29.11.2016: 1000 downloads!

To commemorate this occasion, I have put together the following Development Timeline video for Trajectory. A big thanks to all my beta testers, and everyone who played the game. :)


Trajectory.zip 62 MB


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Really enjoyed your game! Did a LP it on my channel and wanted to share it with you. Only issue I had during the game was the control of the trajectory (though I realize that may be part of the concept). Keep up the awesome work


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This was a neat idea, though it's not without its issues.