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Far from the metropolises of the modern world, to one of the lesser-visited stretches of the American interstate system, a traveler has arrived, in search of Paradise.

This is an open-world driving adventure. Originally created for the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam in 2016, this is the updated version with a new car model, interior view, more interactivity, improved landscape, and most importantly, VR support.


ISOP2017_v1.zip 103 MB
ISOP2017_v1_Oculus.zip 105 MB
ISOP2017_v1_SteamVR.zip 105 MB


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Would be nice if it were easier to tell where the dirt roads are. I stopped playing because i kept just losing the road and getting lost.

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A great relaxing experience. Suprising amount of depth. Just sit back and drive!

ITs not even vr the rift s doesnt even work with it

Would you consider updating with hidden stuff like a old ghost town way out in the desert where you could explore the buildings ?

This is truly a breakthrough for vr.It needs to be up and available on the steam,oculus and playstation store.

Really cool and a hidden treasure in vr.

I waited for your next game, its great, thank you!

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Hey, I just played this, it's really great. You really nailed the atmosphere. Thank you for making and sharing it. 

Gas station guy: "You really don't want to go through the canyon."

Me: "Ah, I'm sure it'll be fine. Full speed ahead!"

*one minute later as I careen off a cliff* "Oh ****!"