A downloadable game for Windows

An open world skiing game.

Made for the Idle Thumbs Winter Wizard Jam.

Developed by Henrik Hermans

Narration by Knight

Version History:

v1.2, The Suspenders Update - Jan. 12, 2016:

-added suspenders.

-new trees, and lots of them. A few rocks as well.

-more detail around homesteads.

-minor tweaks and improvements.

v1.1, Lighting update - Jan. 9, 2016:

-improved lighting and some particle effects.

v1.0, FULL VERSION RELEASE - Dec. 21, 2016:

-Implemented missions and Inventory.

-added first person mode.

-revamped "leaning on slopes" behaviour for like the 4th time.

-created ending.

-lots of bugfixes.

-tweaks and fixes to physics, game performance.

-tweaking quality levels.

v0.4, Beta - Dec. 11, 2016:

-whole gameworld now created.

-improvements to player character leaning on slopes.

-tweaks to player thrusting and hunkering speeds.

-new intro narration recorded.

-improvements to sounds.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags3D, Open World, Physics, skiing, xmas


A_Good_One_v1_2.zip 118 MB


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really fun. The feeling of momentum going fast down the slopes was very good.


I really dig the vibe you have going here. Great intro. Even though the atmosphere is more relaxed I do miss having some kind of landing correction and/or rag doll when I mess things up and smack into something. Speaking of, I missed a bridge and went flying straight through the side of the cliff and under the world :( Maybe a reset button would help